Hindi Cinema’s Rise to the Top: Why These Entertainment Movies are a Must-Watch!

Hindi cinema or Bollywood has always been a significant player in the global entertainment industry, but it was not until the past few decades that it started to rise to the top. With a blend of drama, romance, music, and dance, Hindi movies have become a must-watch for movie fans globally. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind Hindi cinema’s rise to the top and why these movies are a must-watch.

1. Technological Advancements

The film industry has gone through massive technological advancements in recent years, significantly impacting the quality of movies produced. With better equipment, special effects, and improved sound, Hindi cinema has been able to create movies of better quality, making them more appealing to a broader audience worldwide.

2. International Recognition

Hindi movies are not only famous in India but also globally due to increasing accessibility of the internet. International film festivals have also provided a platform for Hindi cinema to showcase its talent and gain recognition worldwide. In 2019, the film “Gully Boy” was India’s official entry for the Academy Awards, giving global exposure to Indian cinema on a worldwide stage.

3. Cultural Exposure

Hindi movies are known for their vibrant costumes, colorful backgrounds, and mesmerizing songs and dances. Their unique cultural elements have had a significant impact on the international perception of India. With millions of fans worldwide, fans have exposed people globally to the Indian culture, food habits, and traditional practices.

4. Technological Evolution

Gone are the days when Hindi films relied on the standard plotline, with a hero and a villain competing to save the heroine. Today, filmmakers experiment with different genres, complex characters, and innovative plotlines. The evolution of the cinema is evident with movies like “Andhadhun,” “Newton,” and “Article 15,” while female-centric movies like “Piku” and “Queen” shine the spotlight on women empowerment.

5. Fusions and Collaborations

With the objective of appealing to a wider audience, Hindi cinema has started collaborating with top names in the international music industry. In 2020, Oscar-winning musician AR Rahman collaborated with international icon Will.I.Am in a unique musical project that fused Hindi melodies with western beats. The fusion of genres has also helped in increasing Hindi cinema’s fan base outside of India.

6. Social Media Buzz

Due to social media’s rise, Hindi cinema has had a significant impact on mass media marketing. With instantaneous connectivity, social platforms provide filmmakers an opportunity to promote their films globally, and fan-following for actors, filmmakers, and movies has transcended to support groups, online fan pages, and blogs, banking on SEO marketing to garner more views for their respective movies.

7. Cultural Identity

Hindi movies have become the face of the Indian culture in the global entertainment industry. The movies highlight the country’s diversity and reflect the Indian identity of displaying strong family ties and traditional values.

8. Dance and Music

Hindi cinema is known for its romantic ballads and mesmerizing dances. Hindi movie music often includes lyrical storytelling and emotional connectivity, which has a lasting impact on the audience. With a blend of music and dance, Hindi movies provide an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers.


The rise of Hindi cinema to the top of the entertainment industry is a testament to the creative and innovative talent that resides in India. The cultural aspects of these movies have emerged as the unique selling proposition which highlights Indian culture, showcasing a deep commitment to family values and respect for tradition. As social media channels break down borders, Hindi movies continue to gain increasing recognition on a global level. The fusion of different elements, the evolution of technology, and experimentation with different genres have played a critical role in Hindi cinema’s ascent to the global top. Hindi cinema is undoubtedly a must-watch for movie enthusiasts worldwide, offering a memorable and engaging cinematic experience.

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